Scores and Instruments Distributed on Mobile Devices

A special session part of CMMR 2019 in Marseille
Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research Conference

The CMMR conference was initially focused on Music Information Retrieval. Since its launching in 2003, it has toured Europe, with one edition in India, and gradually enlarged its focus towards a more interdisciplinary approach to Computer Music. CMMR 2019 will be an homage to Jean-Claude Risset, who led the LMA-CNRS in Marseille for many years. The theme for CMMR 2019 will be: Perception, Representation, Image, Sound, Music (PRISM).
This event will constitute the launching of the laboratory of the same name, and will therefore come to international attention.
The special session “Scores and Instruments Distributed on Mobile Devices”, as part of the international conference, will include:

  • Peer reviewed papers
  • A round table discussion
  • Demos
  • A concert

After the post-conference proceedings, some of the selected peer-reviewed papers will be published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences Series (see

The use of mobile devices for musical performances will be presented using two different approaches: instrumental (demos) and notational (concert):

  • Demos focusing on “the smartphone as an instrument”
  • A concert focusing on “smartphones and tablet as networked music stands”

In addition to the presentation of accepted submissions from the “call for performance”, demos will include workshops from CoSiMa, and SmartFaust, two different French research projects proposing to turn smartphones into multi-sensor samplers/synthesizers.
The demos will be preceded by a round table, exploring three aspects of this approach: technical (native vs. web-based), sociological (participative concerts…), and aesthetic (why/how smartphones differ from acoustic instruments). The round table will include discussions about Bernard Cavanna’s Geek-Bagatelle (2016), for orchestra and “choir of
smartphones”, and Georg Hajdu’s 144-part new work with live-distributed notation via MaxScore/Node.js.

The evening concert will include the following:

  • Stockhausen’s Kontakte4 (Links ensemble), implemented in the
    Decibel ScorePlayer, with live projection of the score
  • Jonathan Bell’s Le temps des Nuages (Links + De Caelis)
  • Cat Hope’s Black Disciples (2013, transcription for high voices)
  • Lindsey Vickery Mezareon (2015, transcription for Links and De Caelis)
  • Sandeep Bhagwati Villanelles de Voyelles (2017)


Full information here.

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