ossia networking workshops / lectures – matralab Concordia University

ossia is an initiative to create open-source scoring software for Interactive/Intermedia Arts, focused particularly on intermedia composition and interoperability between different elements of a intermedia installation or performance.
It is based on more than a decade of MusicTech / ComputerScience research around the i-score and Jamoma projects. It re-implements the specifications of the prototypes that came out of those research projects into a more advanced and consolidated state.
ossia hence provides a toolkit for designing flexible time-scripting and complex mappings between multimedia/intermedia applications. As such, ossia (much like its predecessor Jamoma) is used by a growing number of composers, artists and creative organizations worldwide for compositions, live performances, interactive installations and touring exhibitions.
Among those users, artists/researchers from matralab, Topological Media Lab and Metacreation Lab have been using Jamoma for the last decade, but this framework is not supported anymore, and they are in desperate need of a new environment in which they can work with their creative tools in a sustainable way. Over the last year, many of them have been considering a migration to ossia.

However, libossia and ossia score, though being extremely promising software tools, require some substantial work to be extended, finalized, stabilized and documented in order to be disseminated to the wider artistic community. Hence the ossia team, led by Pascal Baltazar (Quercy, France) and Philippe Pasquier (Vancouver), are currently preparing applications to two different R&D tracks and funding opportunities.

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