Ephemerides @ Montréal Nouvelles Musiques Festival 2019

An immersive and unconventional experience: in this presentation the audience and six musicians walk through a space full of music and light. Communicating with each other through different types of interactive scores, musicians explore their own musical trajectories in a constantly changing sound environment. In this universe co-created by artificial intelligence score software, viewer will follow their own, unpredictable path through the constellations of light
and sound of this captivating spectacle.

This project will disseminate and highlight the use of several types of technological scores, whose development was discussed in Sandeep Bhagwati’s papers at recent Tenor conferences (2016, 2017, 2018). These scores – the body:suit:score, the elaborate audio score, and the interactive light score – will be demonstrated and used for the first time together in the same setting. The festival is the most visible venue for such presentation in Canada and the largest
festival of its kind in North America.

Full information here.

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